Structural Integration & Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Bodywork Sessions available in Key West and Marathon, Florida Keys

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Sessions are designed to assist you in feeling more ease of movement, relief from pain, increased range of motion and greater relaxation…

Often, even I am at a loss to explain Structural Integration (See also: and Structural Bodywork to others.

How is it different from massage therapy and why bother calling it something else?

Structural Integration, often referred to as Rolfing®,, is a specific type of work offered in a series of sessions. Each session has a specific goal in the context of the session and the goal of the series is to help you find more ease of movement and comfort in your body overall and, of course, pain relief.

When I say Structural Bodywork, I simply mean a session or sessions not necessarily in the recipe of the series but with the same intention of looking at posture and function to assist you in finding more ease and less pain, restriction of movement or tension.

Most of us have a preexisting idea of Massage Therapy as either something gentle and relaxing or something deep, often painful but intended to relieve pain. Structural bodywork is at once neither and both of these. While the intention is never to cause pain, some of the work may be intense at the moment. However, the most important aspect of the session is you have control over it through your own feedback and participation.

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